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Arts & Crafts

We stock a great selection of locally produced arts & crafts

We sell handmade, unique Scottish crafts.  Our stock is all limited edition & most are 'one offs' that aren't reproduced.

Our displayed stock is constantly changing but here's a taster of what's for sale.
Coastal decor crafts made with beautiful north-west coast Scottish driftwood ~ Driftwood framed mirrors, quirky driftwood table lamps, driftwood shelves & candle sconces, driftwood clocks & mobiles ~ all up-cycled & eco-friendly.

Hand-spun & hand-knitted woollen items all from a flock local to this area ~           Hats, hand warmers, baby booties & balls of wool to knit your own.

Hand-turned wood ~ Unusual bowls, saucers, plates & candlesticks.

Hand-crafted Scottish sea glass jewellery ~ Necklaces, bracelets & earings with Sterling silver chains & fittings.

Photo-cards, postcards & picture cards ~ of the stunning local landscapes

Paintings ~ Capturing the intensity of colour you'll find in the Highlands and Islands.

Books, maps & guides ~ on things of local interest ~ on fishing, walking, birds, flora & fauna, animal life, geology, history & adventure.

I’ve traveled along the north coast & south down from Durness. This is the best selection of arts & crafts I’ve seen in all that way.

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Some of our crafts

Driftwood Table Lights

Unique lighting designs using north-west coast driftwood reclaimed & up-cycled from local beaches.

Turned Spalted Plates

Made from up-cycled locally sourced wood. Beautifully patterned, hand turned & polished.

Turned Spalted Bowls

Bowls of all shapes & sizes ~ for decorative use ~ all well finished & with beautiful & unique spalted patterning.

Driftwood Mirrors

Made from north-west coast driftwood in a variety of sizes, shapes & designs & ever popular.

Some of our crafts

Driftwood Shelving

Shelving hand crafted from local driftwood. We stock a wide range from triple to single shelves.

Driftwood Clocks

Quality quartz time pieces incorporated in to driftwood. Stunning & unique clocks for the home.

Driftwood Sculptures

Our driftwood sculptures are all 'one-off' designs based on the natural shape & beauty of the wood.

Hand Spun Local Wool

Wool from a local flock of Shetland sheep. Hand spun balls, hats, headbands, hand warmers & booties.

Some of our crafts

Bronze Age Wood

Beautiful sculptured pieces of peat preserved wood rescued and transformed into unique home decor items.

Driftwood Paintings

Highland & Island landscapes scenes capturing the vibrancy of colours ~ in acrylics on canvas, wood & slate.

Beach Stone Ornaments

Beautiful beach rounded pebbles from this area embellished with plated copper & silver wire windings.


Hand made jewellery ~ bracelets, ear-rings & necklaces ~ made from Stirling silver & Scottish sea glass.

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